Social media statistics from 2019 show that nearly 3.2 billion people have social media accounts worldwide, and this number is only growing.

The creation of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and so many more has allowed individuals to share information, ideas, and aspirations for life through Interior Designing.

Social media has also provided the worldwide community to stay in touch via a click on their smartphones.

We MakeoSpace, an Interior Designer and based in Nagpur. We Makeospace initiating an interior designing as well as a consulting firm in a new venture. Where you can find all the solutions related to their space with just one step close to your door. We have been working with certified as well as experienced designers for 15 years.

MakeoSpace is an ISO certified best interior turnkey and budget-friendly architectural services company in Nagpur; Residential, Commercial, Retail, hospitality, Landscape, Furniture work. End to end Interior Designing Services in Nagpur and Central Maharashtra.

After successful Projects in Interior designing Consultation and Execution to provide high-end design, development, and visually pleasing services to discerning clients. Over the years we realized it is no longer enough to just know design.

You have to recognize its place within the marketing industry and its impact on organizational behaviors. Designers have to broaden their education by including subjects like marketing, psychology, and anthropology.

Therefore, We discovered the best way to beat the competition in the Interior Designing field is to go the Digital Marketing way through social media platforms.

Social Media is apt for building a brand and creating awareness.

Then, We created accounts on three of the favorite social media platforms: Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

It’s not surprising that Interior Designers like us and many others are relying on two most loved platforms: Instagram and Pinterest.

When it comes to designing and conceptualizing any space, the highly visual nature of Instagram and Pinterest makes them ideal places for finding creative design inspiration which is aesthetically driven and for making purchasing decisions sometimes.

This online revolution has not only changed the way brands advertise, but it has also allowed designers and their clients to have greater knowledge when making design decisions, to interact with each other, and to stay up to date.

Here are some of the advantages…

• Social media platforms allow the world to have instant access to interiors and the latest design trends.
• The consumers learn more about the designers and get to know them and their work on a personal level through the Instagram stories. (Like how we share what we do during the day and what we like or dislike on the stories.)
• It allows consumers to have an immediate insight into the way companies work, the style of the work they provide, and see real reviews from other consumers.
• It provides a place to showcase design ideas and inspire consumers by seeing daily images and videos posted by designers.
• It’s all about achieving the “#Instagrammable” look which is a space that is “aesthetically pleasing” when photographed.

The only disadvantage We feel is from the rise of the social media revolution, the design is being replicated and copied to recreate the look. This also brings about the unoriginality of design.

We’ve rounded up a few of my favorite accounts on Instagram and love browsing through to get the inspirations and ideas. Check them out below and let me know your thoughts in the comments.